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Welcome to Cantabria Rustica! 10 year at the top of Google's results pages!

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Costa de Cantabria  (España)
Costa de Cantabria  (España)
Costa de Cantabria  (España)
Costa de Cantabria  (España)
Paisaje de Cantabria (España)
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REF: NR-260-VIE/2227

Title of property:


Type: Business
Rooms: 1
Town: San Roque de Riomiera
Availability: Available
260.000 €


You are thinking of changing your lifestyle and getting closer to nature, you have not yet taken the step because you do not know how to combine this with a work activity.

You just found the perfect combo!

This is the La Vieja Escuela Restaurant.

Those of you who have been to San Roque de Riomiera have surely fallen in love with this beautiful territory, and many of your palates will remember the dishes enjoyed in this restaurant while contemplating the valley.

In full and successful activity, this 275m2 place has space for 80 satisfied diners in 3 different dining areas. The smallest is in the entrance next to the bar and the fireplace, from it we can access the other 2 dining rooms framed in the landscape, it is really a postcard.

Public bathrooms in 2 of the dining rooms, a large kitchen, several warehouses, office, laundry room….

On the outside, a large porch gives rise to more tables that are the favorite of the summer, an 89m2 garage that acts as a warehouse but that the most enterprising may well turn into a local artisan food store.

A 43 m2 apartment in the back area that does not lack anything to be able to live in your own business.

Also a large municipal space that provides parking service, playground and ethnographic museum.

It is important to note that this glacial valley is gaining value, the area that attracts investors who are committed to natural wealth is increasingly recognized. Being a mountainous area it is attractive for many activities, hiking, cycling, photography, observation of flora and fauna, via ferrata.

It is common for these fans to meet at said restaurant for lunch or dinner. Just below this restaurant runs the Rio Miera, which gives its valley its name.

Above it, an inn of the same name that gives good rest and sweet dreams to visitors to the Valles Pasiegos

It is a restaurant, local or rural business with a bar, cafeteria and dining room in the province of Cantabria.

20km from Lierganes.

45km from Santander.

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